Question: What is unique about the products?

Answer: The Odor-No-More® products are developed from a proprietary blend of micro-nutrient salts commonly supplied to animals in feed supplements and super absorbents. All of our ingredients are widely used in crop and animal science. Most competing products are based on wood or clay (cat litter). These products provide breading grounds and food for bacteria and are widely understood as ineffective.

Question: How long does it take to effectively achieve the stated results?

Answer: The Odor-No-More® products begin to eliminate existing odors and breeding grounds for odor upon contact. Test results show ammonia odor elimination in minutes, vs. hours for competing ingredients.

Question: What is the longevity of the results?

Answer: When used as an ongoing solution to eliminate the environment in which bacteria thrive, odor will not return.

How can so little Odor-No-More Bedding additive achieve better results than current products?

Answer: We use a two step strategy; capture and solidify liquids within super absorbents and then deodorize the captured liquids with our proprietary blend of micro-nutrients.

Question: Are the ingredients environmentally friendly?

Answer: The micro-nutrients used, are supplied as feed supplements to humans and animals. The super absorbents are environmentally friendly and non-toxic degrading to inert ingredients that become part of the soils hummus fraction.

Question: do both Odor-No-More livestock products have to be used together?

Answer: No, but we do recommend the use of both products for a complete solution.