Message from our president – Joseph Provenzano

Joe Provenzano“No Miracles…Nature’s Best Solution®”

Nearly 20 years ago, our inventor and founder Ken Code’s father had a tragic stroke and was hospitalized. Ken, a humble man with a big heart and love for science, knew the dangerous risks associated with his father’s long-term stay in a hospital environment and feared the possibility of serious infection and further complications. He turned to nature to find a solution…

What he found was an all-natural blend of micro-nutrients, part of the natural water cycle, and most commonly used in mainstream multi-vitamins and food for humans and animals alike.

Fast-forward almost 20 years… The BioLargo Technology, the technical backbone of our products, is recognized as a world-class technology portfolio, backed by the collective work of an impressive team of leaders including internationally recognized industry and science experts. Some 20+ patents (either filed, issued or pending), an impressive list of university studies, grants, commercial trials, publications and revolutionary scientific discovery all combine to provide the proof-positive evidence of both safety and efficacy. It works and it’s good!

joehorseOur team, all devoted animal-lovers, came together to develop a menu of products that are perfectly designed for your pet. They are safe, and proven effective at eliminating odor, controlling moisture and even help heal wounds. Our products have won numerous industry awards including; New Product, Editor’s Choice and Product of the Year awards.

Our dedication to making the highest performing products with safe and environmentally friendly ingredients is evident in all we do, and we are committed to supporting pet related charitable organizations, as well as continued research.

No Miracles…. Just great science backed by a team of professionals that care about you and your pet!

** Odor-No-More, Inc. is a subsidiary of BioLargo, Inc.