Bedding Additive

onm_bag_awardA proprietary blend of micro-nutrient salts, specially selected fine kiln-dried fiber and super absorbent is blended to create the most effective ODOR and MOISTURE control product available.

Simply apply a couple handfulls of Odor-No-More® directly to the urine spots within your animals enclosure. As soiled bedding is removed blend existing product into soil throughout the enclosure and apply new product to the urine spots. Used product does not have to be removed.

When using in matted stalls apply a thin layer of bedding, add a handful or two of Odor-No-More® where your horse urinates then add the rest of your bedding.

Additional Benefits include:

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have found no other product that works like this one. My bedding purchases are down by 60% in October and I have no ammonia smell in my barn at all...what a great product.

-Erica (New Jersey)

I tried it in several stalls with all levels of wet horses. I did have to play with the application rate to suit the particular horse, but it works just like they say if you put in the effort to dial it in. I also found that in many cases I used too much and when going back to the suggested way it definitely worked. Follow directions and it helps. No other product I tried in the past did!

-Matt (South Carolina)